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Disability Awareness

In 2016, nearly 250,000 people are legally paid less than the minimum wage, on average, less than $2 an hour.  

“Bottom Dollars” is an hour-long documentary that exposes the exploitation of people with disabilities through personal stories and expert interviews. It also presents clear employment alternatives with competitive wages and community inclusion.


Mental Health Advance Directives
ND Protection & Advocacy You-Tube Channel
Supported Decision-Making
  • The North Dakota Protection & Advocacy Project works collaboratively with the Secretary of State’s Office, the North Dakota Association of Counties, and county election officials to ensure that North Dakota’s election system is accessible and voters with disabilities are educated on the election process and their right to vote.

    The Express Vote is the new voting machine available to North Dakota voters who need assistance in marking their ballot. This machine will be provided for voters needing assistance, including those with disabilities and special needs. 


  • Express Vote 101...the voting machine YouTube Video
  • Voting is for Everyone - YouTube Video

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