The North Dakota Protection & Advocacy Project works collaboratively with the Secretary of State's Office, the North Dakota Association of Counties, and county election officials. The participation between all three groups ensures North Dakota's election system is accessible. It also equips voters with disabilities education on the election process and their right to vote.

Place Your Vote

Election Day

Plan Your Vote

Voting Poster

  • Learn the voting basics for North Dakota
  • Voter Instructions
  • Find the answers to your "Frequently Asked Questions
  • Express Vote 101 - The Express Vote is the voting machine available to North Dakota voters who need assistance in marking their ballot. This machine will be provided for voters needing assistance, including those with disabilities and special needs.
    • You can contact your county auditor to request to vote absentee using the Express Vote machine.
Where to Vote

2021 Legislative District Map - 11x17

Absentee Voting
Acceptable Forms of ID
  • Identification must include the voter’s:
    • Name
    • Current North Dakota residential address
    • Date of Birth
  • Acceptable Forms of ID
    • ND Driver’s License 
    • ND Non-driver’s identification
    • Tribal government issued identification
    • Long term care identification certificate
  • Requirements for Identification
Asking for Help
  • People can have assistance at the polls
    • Friend, staff, guardian and trusted people