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P&A Recruiting Members for Mental Health Advisory Council

(Bismarck, ND) The Protection & Advocacy Project (P&A) is recruiting members for its mental health advisory council. The Council addresses a variety of issues related to mental health. The Council:

  • Provides P&A with information and identifies issues important to the mental health community.
  • Provides feedback on priorities for P&A’s mental health program.
  • Provides P&A and its governing board with independent advice and recommendations.
  • Prepares the annual Advisory Council Report detailing activities.
  • Educates the public about the mission and purpose of P&A.
  • Decides how to use its time and expertise to educate, advise, and select projects.

The Council consists of 6 – 10 members, that bring the following perspectives:

  • Current and past recipients of mental health services
  • Family members of current and past recipients of mental health services
  • Mental health professionals (including providers)
  • An attorney
  • Individuals knowledgeable about mental health

As part of the Council, members learn about mental health topics, meet new people, and develop self-advocacy and leadership skills. The Council also assists P&A in setting and achieving goals, as well as helping to improve the mental health service delivery system. Learn more or apply online.

P&A is the leading civil rights organization for people with disabilities in North Dakota. P&A’s mission is to champion the equality and inclusion of people with disabilities where we live, work, and play.

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