Legislative Working Committees


Legislative Working Committees are "the pipeline" for people with disabilities, family members, and advocates to network and receive information about disabilities-related legislation. Legislative Working Committees are not "owned" by any one group but are supported by many individuals and organizations that care about people with disabilities. The goal of Legislative Working Committees is to educate people with disabilities, family members, and advocates about the Legislative process, disability-related Legislation, and the protocol for communicating with State Senators and Representatives.

During the Interim between formal Sessions, Legislative Working Committees will not meet on a regular basis or in all areas of the state. Information about scheduled meetings will be posted under News and Events.

The North Dakota Legislature convenes for its regular sessions in January of odd-numbered years, and meets for approximately four months. During that time, Legislative Working Committees around the State will meet weekly, on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

Legislative Working Committee Video Replay- Friday, March 26, 2021

Discussion with Connor Crowley with U.S. Congressman Kelly Armstrong’s Office

Topics: American Recovery Plan Act 2021 and other disability-related issues (~ 40 minutes)


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